Thank you for a wonderful stay that we’ve had living at 99 Rothesay Avenue. We’ve really enjoyed our tenancy at your property and appreciate all your help and support throughout.

Holly, 99 Rothesay Avenue, Lenton, July 2023

My experience renting with Buxton made my uni experience infinitely more pleasurable.
Ian, the maintenance guy, was always on great form whenever he was round - he is a credit to the business you are operating.

Joe, 83 City Road, Dunkirk, July 2023

I have had an absolutely fantastic experience renting with Buxton's. The house has been a true home for me for the last 2 years and any minor maintenance issues that have come up have always been resolved within 24 hours by Ian who is genuinely fantastic. All communication has been organised, clear and prompt from Buxton's and I will really miss living in such a lovely environment. Thank you for everything you have done to make my experience of living in Nottingham so wonderful.

Katherine, 55 Ednaston Road, Dunkirk, July 2023

I’ve really enjoyed living in my Buxton property and have had a very positive relationship with this letting agency which have provided a seamless transition from university halls to the rental market. The maintenance team are outstanding with fast response times and the team in general are easily contactable and always very helpful and willing to answer any queries. The high levels of service provided by Buxton Properties and overall quality of finish on the property makes it stand out against other student lets and visitors always comment on how nice our house is - I’m extremely sad to be leaving our home!

Molly, 40 Balfour Road, Lenton, July 2023

We have been very impressed with the support from Buxton and it has made the experience very enjoyable and felt very at home in the property.

Harry, 31 Balfour Road, Lenton, July 2023

I really enjoyed living at this house. Any problems we had got sorted on the day or the day after, which meant one less thing to worry about alongside the stress of Uni deadlines.

Kamil, 32 Balfour Road, Lenton, July 2023

We have been so lucky living at 70 Cycle for 4 years and are really sad to be leaving. Anytime we had any issues we would hear back the same day and Ian would fix any problems so fast making the whole tenancy really easy. I couldn’t recommend Buxton enough, thank you so much!

Sophie, 70 Cycle Road, Lenton, July 2023

Our whole house has had a really positive experience renting from Buxton. The communication is very good and it has all been hassle free. Maintenance is always amazing, Ian is especially great and if we’ve ever had an issue he’s always arrived the next day and to fix any problem. Any emails are always quickly responded to and we always feel looked after, which is why we decided to stay for our final year.

Laura, 58 Cottesmore Road, Lenton, July 2023

It's a very nice house and I've felt very privileged to be able to live in such a clean and aesthetic house with its modern, high quality furniture. Buxton are the perfect landlords, whenever we have had a problem the team have got back to our emails rapidly and Ian has come to fix our issues with great speed (often same day). The entire process from viewing the property to ending the tenancy has been made smooth and easy by Buxton. Buxton are a very professional company and I'd like to thank you for everything this year. I would recommend Buxton to other students every single time.

Thomas, 32 Balfour Road, Lenton, July 2023

We only have positive things to say about Buxton Properties. You have been amazing and quick to respond to any of our needs and we would recommend you wholeheartedly to anyone.

Hannah, 12 Balfour Road, Lenton, September 2022

I have had a fantastic experience at this flat. We've always felt safe and that we can go to our landlords with any problems. Thank you.

Isobel, Douglas Road, Lenton, August 2022

Buxton properties have been absolutely fantastic - by far the best letting agency I have used.
They are very easy to contact and always happy to help with any problems or concerns you may have. I would highly recommend to anyone considering renting one of their properties.

Jessica, 29 Ednaston Road, Dunkirk, August 2022

I cannot thank you enough for the brilliant service you have provided over the last two years. You have made my living arrangements an absolute breeze. You guys are honestly the gold-standard for student housing estate agents. Your properties are spectacular, you make things easy, but most importantly, it feels like you care, which is a massive underrated yet invaluable skill. Special shout out to Ian, the maintenance guy, for being a literal super hero. Many many thanks.

Sam, Douglas Road, Lenton, August 2022

After 3 years living in your house, I do not have a single complaint. The house is structurally sound and well thought through, maintenance is so so rapid, fire alarm issues are sorted at 2 am, admin is quick and accessible and you have all been incredibly friendly. I know this is not the case with most student landlords, so thank you for making the biggest difference to my time at university! I couldn’t recommend your properties more (and have done so multiple times!)

Caitlin, 29 Ednaston Road, Dunkirk, June 2022

On behalf of myself and my housemates I would like to thank you and your team for making our year living in Ashburnham Avenue so enjoyable and comfortable. The house has made our university second year experience fantastic and we are very sad to leave. If there have ever been any problems, Ian the maintenance man has been super friendly and helpful in sorting them out as quickly as possible.

Ella, 30 Ashburnham Avenue, Lenton, June 2022

I just wanted to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed living in my tenancy with Buxton properties and I strongly recommend this agency to people I know that are looking at house-shares for the coming year. Whether this is the great service with repairs and maintenance, or the great support assistance and communication provided by the staff, I think Buxton Properties is a shining example of how a property agency should operate.

Dyllan, 1 Collin Street, Beeston, June 2022

Genuinely have not got a bad word to say about you guys, everything has been organised perfectly (and communicated with us) and the house is in amazing condition. I have had so many of my friends come into the house and say how lovely it is, which is unusual for a student property. The occasion where the fridge broke down and you replaced it within 24 hours was a great example of how attentive you and the maintenance team are. It has taken the stress out of renting and allowed me to focus on other things and enjoying my final year of my undergraduate degree.

Katherine, 55 Ednaston Road, Dunkirk, June 2022

You foster really good relationships with the tenants and go above and beyond to make sure our experience is great and everything is done thoroughly and properly so are very reputable!

Joanna, 21 Balfour Road, Lenton, August 2022

The house has been made to feel very homely and is well decorated. Whenever we have any issue, they are always very quick to respond and send out a maintenance man either on the same day or the next day, making sure they resolve the issue as soon as possible. I couldn’t fault them really!

Katie, 70 Cycle Road, Lenton, July 2021

Throughout our lease we felt supported and respected as tenants. This was especially pertinent due to the pandemic. Whenever we had an issue Ian, maintenance from Buxton Properties, was extremely resourceful and friendly. All reported issues were resolved in a timely manner without us having to lodge multiple enquiries. We were also given the correct notice whenever anyone was to enter the property through the appropriate means. Sarah also provided us with regular updates and important information throughout our tenancy. If ever we had a query, she would provide us with detailed information and help promptly. I also got a sense of empathy and flexibility through all communications we had with Buxton Properties compared to other landlords I had used and others I had heard about.

Nathan, 83 City Road, Dunkirk, July 2021

I’ve had an overwhelmingly positive experience staying in a Buxton property! From the clear guidance through the process in first year, speedy repairs and super quick answers to emails. You have always prioritised your tenants and it has been a pleasure to live in one of your properties! I cannot recommend Buxton highly enough!

Joanna, 53 Ednaston Road, Dunkirk, July 2021

I have really enjoyed living in the house this year and look forward to living here next year too. It is definitely the best and most spacious student house I’ve been in. You guys have been great also with everything you do whether it be keeping us up to date with things or responding to situations we tell you about. I am looking forward to staying with you guys for my 3rd and final year.

Niamh, 42 Balfour Road, Lenton, July 2021

Buxton Properties are by far the best student agents that I have heard of. Maintenance happens far faster than I believed possible. Your responses are so fast and Ian is very competent. I have already recommended you to anyone who is house hunting!

Caitlin, 29 Ednaston Road, Dunkirk, July 2021

Amazing landlords - instant communication and no charge for resolving issues which were obviously not our fault. House was in great condition and well furnished. Massive shout out to the handyman - Ian - great guy.

Ryan, 20 Midland Avenue, Lenton, July 2020

I have had fantastic experiences with Buxton Properties as landlords for the past year. You have all gone above & beyond your legal duties to ensure that we live in a comfortable household by mediating our housemates disputes. Sarah and Matthew have been fantastic at every step of the process and I am thankful to have had such great and honest service this past year.

Reece, 64 City Road, Dunkirk,

I had a fantastic experience with Buxton Properties, thank you so much for all your support. Ian, the maintenance man, was particularly helpful, coming over within 24 hours even for small issues!

Alice, 107 Cycle Road, Lenton, July 2020

It was great. The staff were always very helpful and friendly and quick to respond to any queries we had. Thank you so much!

Laura, 107 Cycle Road, Lenton, July 2020

Always really helpful and respond very quickly to any issues and emails. I would recommend Buxton to anyone looking for a student house.

Emma, 29 Ednaston Road, Dunkirk, July 2020

Have really enjoyed our time at the property, fast maintenance and good facilities.

Leah, 73 City Road, Dunkirk, July 2020

Thank you for an amazing tenancy experience. Everyone we have spoken to have been incredibly friendly and helpful. I will be very sad to leave Bute Avenue and Buxton Properties.

Megan, 4 Bute Avenue, Lenton, July 2020

It was a real pleasure living in one of your houses this year. You guys were understanding, flexible, and quick and efficient when it came to sorting out problems or fixing appliances within the house. It's been a blast!

Theodore, 4 Bute Avenue, Lenton, July 2020

Best company I could ever have expected to do business with. Lovely & thoroughly helpful, consistently through our two years with them. No complaints and all praise.

Jonathan, 66 Cycle Road, Lenton, July 2020

Thank you so much for all your help and care and an overall wonderful experience for the last two years! We have really enjoyed renewing with you ...

Katherine, 66 Cycle Road, Lenton, July 2020

Had a great time living with Buxton Properties the last two years. Great houses and helpful staff.

Amy, 53 Ednaston Road, Dunkirk, June 2020

I’d definitely recommend living in a Buxton Properties house, my year in 9 Friars Court has been fantastic! We went with Buxton knowing that you are renowned for good service, quick repairs and overall fairness as well as all being very nice to deal with and you’ve certainly lived up to that expectation. The house itself is very well maintained for its price and we have greatly valued your quick replies to our questions and sending people out asap when we have had any repairs needed - easily the best landlords/estate agents I have had during my four years at uni. Thanks for everything over this past year!

Francis, 9 Friars Court, The Park, June 2020

I'd like to begin by saying that our experience with your firm has been an absolute pleasure. From the very start, your communication, service and demeanour was more than congenial and I consider you to be going above and beyond the industry standard. We were always met with the utmost professionalism and made to feel a priority. We were not treated like disposable students, rather as the paying tenants that we are. I especially appreciate the generous notice you provided us with prior to any viewings, maintenance or other visits you had organised...

Charles, Flat 4, 10/12 Douglas Road, Lenton, June 2020

I cannot fault the service Buxton has provided. A very professional service and any issues answered very promptly and well. The property was excellent as well, perfect for 2 final year students! This has undoubtedly been the best student property service I have experienced in Nottingham and I would urge students to rent with you. 

Matthew, 99 Rothesay Avenue, Lenton, June 2020

My feedback for Buxton properties is all positive and I'm very happy to be staying another year. The house is wonderful and I believe we always received prompt and helpful responses whenever we had any queries or worries. Thank you very much, I'm looking forward to staying on.

Alice, 74 Cycle Road, Lenton, June 2020

I’ve really enjoyed living in 70 cycle road this year, as it feels perfectly homely. The service you provide for repairs and maintenance is second to none. You are always able to send someone out for the next working day and have never failed to do this. I have really appreciated your efforts this year and I am looking forward to living there next year too. Thanks for everything!

Katie, 70 Cycle Road, Lenton, June 2020

Our time with Buxton has genuinely been perfect, we could not have asked for better landlords and maintenance staff. Big thanks to Sarah, Matt and Ian for all your help and support over the last couple of years.

Jess, 55 Ednaston Road, Dunkirk, June 2020

I’d just like to say that I have been really impressed with Buxton’s quick and effective response to emails, your professionalism, and the help and support you have provided us with throughout our tenancy. On this basis, I would definitely recommend Buxton properties to other students in Nottingham.

Hannah, 40 Taversal Avenue, Lenton, June 2020

I have really enjoyed living at one of your properties for the past year. I loved the property handbook/folder which contains a lot of the essentials for the property. The team are super quick and helpful with maintenance and extremely responsive to feedback. The gardening carried out behind the scenes really makes the garden enjoyable to use - as we certainly wouldn't want to do this ourselves. Seeing the team regularly helped me to feel as though we have a good tenant-landlord relationship and this is all supported by the hard work you put in for us. Once again, thanks for all the support this year.

Milap, 38 Ednaston Road, Dunkirk, June 2020

... I have been so impressed and grateful for Buxton’s efficient response to any issues that have arisen. It’s a very well situated house, very close to both the tram stop and various supermarkets. Ian has been amazing with all his repairs, and I’m very pleased with the level of attention in any maintenance work. I would highly recommend Buxton to anyone, due to their good prices, options for a ‘bills inclusive’ deal, and their speedy response to any problems with the house. The house is also very nicely decorated, with great amenities and good access to restaurants and food deliveries.

Charlotte, 1 Collin Street, Beeston, June 2020

Buxton Properties have been the best letting agents I could ever have imagined. Their communication has been impeccable and any help required has been provided within 24 hours. I couldn't have asked for anyone better!

Anna, 32 Balfour Road, Lenton,

We had such a great time living in our Buxton property, from how gorgeous our student house was compared to others, to the efficient correspondence and how lovely the handymen were if they ever had to pop round to fix something for us - a truly great year. Thank you all!

Laura, 46 Balfour Road, Lenton, July 2019

Amazing tenancy, wonderfully helpful people. Whenever we had a problem it was sorted ASAP. Thank you to everyone, especially Ian.

Sophie, 46 Balfour Road, Lenton, July 2019

Buxton have been fabulous landlords, always on hand to sort any problem promptly. All their team are a pleasure to speak to and I wouldn't hesitate recommending them to any of my friends - 5 stars!

Elizabeth, 35 Douglas Road, Lenton, July 2019

Buxton have been great landlords. They have always responded quickly to any enquiry or issue with the house. The house was well kept, as was the garden. Would recommend them to anyone.

Maisie-Jane, 20 Midland Avenue, Lenton, July 2019

Buxton Properties are absolutely brilliant - they sorted any problems very quickly and I'd highly recommend them to any students! Thank you!

Emma, 9 Friars Court, The Park, July 2019

I have been very fortunate to have rented from Buxton Properties; the company is always very quick to attend to any problems and very caring. The standard of the finish and furnishings was excellent. Would recommend to anyone!

Charlie, 4 Collington Street, Beeston, July 2019

Really fast responses to emails were very much appreciated as help always followed just as quickly. Been a lovely house to live in.

Beatrice, 29 Ednaston Road, Dunkirk, July 2019

I can't thank you enough for the wonderful stay at 214 Derby Road. The call out service was quick and Ian was always able to fix our problems! Thank you.

Molly, 214 Derby Road, Lenton, July 2019

Fantastic landlords, couldn't fault you guys. Would definitely recommend to anyone.

Ethan, 70 Cycle Road, Lenton, July 2019

The house was absolutely brilliant and Buxton couldn't have been any better, excellent service.

Jake, 70 Cycle Road, Lenton, July 2019

An incredibly well maintained house with more than enough room for everyone. All rooms are well sized and properly equipped. Buxton properties are easy to contact with regards to any issue and always happy to help. Both bathrooms are in very good condition.

Greg, 58 Cottesmore Road, Lenton, July 2019

Buxton were amazing landlords! The house was very reasonably priced and they were always friendly and professional. Whenever a problem arose (which was extremely rare) they would always set out to fix it within 24 hours. Highly recommended!

Ben, 74 Cycle Road, Lenton, July 2019

... From beginning to end, all members of the team have been extremely helpful, efficient, organised, and friendly. Sarah is the most organised person ever, keeping everything ticking over incredibly smoothly, providing all paperwork and information in an orderly and timely manner, and always answers emails and phone calls within minutes. Ian is the best handyman ever, round in a flash whenever anything goes wrong, always with a smile on his face and ready to do whatever needs to be done. Nothing is too much hassle for either of them - they are genuinely helpful, trying to make our lives as easy as possible...

Emily, 64 City Road, Dunkirk, June 2019

The time between a ‘complaint’ (or request) was logged, acknowledged by Buxton, and then fixed by super-Ian, was faultless. Buxton really go the extra mile. The extent to which you value communication between yourselves and the students, as well as the time and effort you put in to check things are ok, and to notify us of any changes or visits to the property embodies professionalism. While the quality of Buxton rentals is fantastic, the quality of your customer care is what makes you stand out. You have a skill of making every student feel valued, appreciated, and treated like an adult.

Flat 3, 10/12 Douglas Road, Lenton, June 2019

Buxton Properties provided excellent services throughout the three years that I've been with the agency, providing excellent quality of help whenever problems arise in the property. Overall a wonderful experience using Buxton properties.

Jason, 83 City Road, Dunkirk, June 2019

My experience with living in a Buxton Property has been amazing. Inevitably, as with any house, there have been times when we've had to call someone out for repair, but this is always tended to so quickly from Buxton and always so happy to help! Ian as a maintenance guy is very nice when in the property and tending to our issues! ​Could not recommend living in a Buxton Property enough! Very hassle free.

Emily, 58 Kimbolton Avenue, Lenton, June 2019

It has actually been an amazing experience living in the property, the houses are very nice compared to some of our friends who live in Lenton. The repairs and maintained have also been fantastic, as usually the issue is resolved in less then 2 days which is great.

Rajinder, 53 Ednaston Road, Dunkirk, June 2019

As with last year, we all generally agree that Buxton are a very good property provider. Problems are minimal, and any which do arise are solved very quickly. Buxton seems to be the most helpful and reasonable landlord by a large margin.

Andrew, 53 Ednaston Road, Dunkirk, June 2019

I have been incredibly satisfied by both the property we've been living in and the quick and helpful responses/service to issues and queries we've had throughout the year. I would most definitely recommend Buxton Properties to any student looking for housing. Thank you all for making this year more comfortable and convenient than it otherwise could have been.

Obinna, 38 Ednaston Road, Dunkirk, June 2019

I couldn’t be happier with the service provided by Buxton we have no complaints whatsoever. Everyone we have dealt with is friendly and goes the extra mile to help us out when needed. Ian is very efficient with his repairs and always comes round quickly. The house itself is lovely, we get so many compliments on the shiny kitchen. I would absolutely recommend Buxton to a friend, just wish we had found you for second year as well!

Holly, 32 Balfour Road, Lenton, June 2019

I just wanted to say thank you to Buxton for a fantastic two years as tenant. In both years Buxton have been helpful and responsive, and the houses have been ideal. As well as being great as property managers, all of the Buxton team are friendly and approachable, which has made it even easier for us as tenants.  We have really enjoyed living in this property and we recognise that it is one of the best student houses in Lenton due to its size, layout and furnishing.

Ed, 30 Ashburnham Avenue, Lenton, June 2019

I have really enjoyed living at one of your properties this year. The maintenance has been especially prompt and efficient. We have received all the information we have needed throughout the year, and you have been quick to respond to any queries. The house itself has been lovely - all of the appliances have worked well, and the room is in really good condition. 

Jane, 12 Balfour Road, Lenton, June 2019

I have really enjoyed our first year at 107 Cycle Road.  Buxton have been great landlords and have been both accommodating and responsive to any requests made.  In particular with regards to sourcing us an additional freezer, which has been a great help! Without a doubt I would recommend Buxton and look forward to returning to 107 Cycle Road next year.

Hannah, 107 Cycle Road, Lenton, June 2019

I would like to say that after living in one of your properties I have had a lovely time. I had an image of what a uni property would be like and that landlords weren't the best, but Buxton Properties changed this. Every time we had a slight hiccup, your entire team were so helpful even over the smallest of things and would often reply or get in contact with us in less than a day. I couldn't have asked for better landlords and really have no comments on improvements because of this. 

Mirisha, 1 Collin Street, Beeston, June 2019

I have really enjoyed my time in the property so far! The quality of the property is very high, especially for a student house. All correspondence from the team has been very quick and helpful, and any requests we have made have been dealt with in a very timely manner.

Daniel, 74 Cycle Road, Lenton, July 2018

The speed and ease of your services and the friendliness of all the team is so reassuring and we could not have asked for a better company to rent from in our already stressful final year. We do feel we have been truly looked after from Buxton and honestly couldn’t think of anything bad to say about our experience here.

Katie, 66 Cycle Road, Lenton, July 2018

Overall I have been very happy with the service I have received from yourselves and the standard of the property. For a student house this exceeded our expectations and we didn’t want to leave! Also whenever there was an issue or concern with the house it was always addressed within 24 hours by the maintenance man who was also very friendly.

Saffron, 40 Balfour Road, Lenton, July 2018

I think I have no negative feedback about Buxton- you've been wonderful! We have so appreciated your (extremely!) rapid responses to all inquiries, maintenance problems or anything else! The house is one of the nicest student houses I've been in with none of the standard issues of student houses! I feel like we have got to know the legend that is Ian very well for all the times he's been round to sort our tiny or massive problems. I think you are great landlords, definitely worth paying the extra!

Becca, 20 Midland Avenue, Lenton, June 2018

Buxton have been an excellent service and have truly gone above and beyond any other known student estate agents standards. The maintenance man, Ian, is an asset to the company; if anything was to go wrong, Ian would arrive immediately to resolve the issue. For example when the weather was really bad with snow and ice, Ian managed to locate and fix a new boiler for our property in less than 24 hours which seemed impossible at the time! Communication between the tenants and Buxton is outstanding and you can always expect a prompt reply. I would recommend Buxton properties to any prospective student looking to live in Lenton.

Charlotte, 58 Cottesmore Road, Lenton, June 2018

The house we live in at least is to a standard that means I wouldn't mind living here for the rest of my time in Nottingham, and even if I had to move to another property I would definitely try and find another Buxton property as a first port of call. Maintenance has been quick throughout the year and is provided by very friendly people which is always a plus, and always having someone who we can email with any questions is great as well.

Samuel, 55 Ednaston Road, Dunkirk, June 2018

All of us have really enjoyed living at 48 Woodward and everyone of our friends who've visited has commented about how nice it is! The service has been excellent and we've had no major problems at all. Maintenance has been perfect and everything has been fixed in just a few days after notifying you about the issue. I would absolutely recommend Buxton to any student. 

Jacob, 48 Woodward Street, Meadows, June 2018

All of us have agreed this is an amazing house-very homely, good price, great for either NTU or Nottingham university students. We also believe that when we have a problem with our house that we don’t need to worry as the problem will get sorted efficiently as your maintenance team are quick responding and always sort problems when necessary. Buxton properties have been great landlords and we would recommend them to anyone.

Millie, 40 Teversal Avenue, Lenton, June 2018

We have all loved living in 30 Ashburnham Avenue. The property was spotless when we arrived and had high quality furnishings in it. Ian has been fantastic and fixed everything very quickly. Also we always had quick responses to emails and queries which has been great. We would 100% recommend Buxton properties to other students.

Lucy, 30 Ashburnham Avenue, Lenton, June 2018

I can safely say that Buxton Properties have been amazing landlords. We have stayed in 21 Balfour Road for 2yrs now and have loved our time here. The house is perfect and Buxton Properties have been excellent in dealing with any problems which we have encountered. They are friendly, quick to respond to emails and unbelievably organised. They have made the process of finding and living in a student house a great experience and I cannot thank them enough. I would recommend Buxton Properties to all students in Nottingham.

Helen, 21 Balfour Rd, Lenton, June 2018

I would highly recommend Buxton Properties for how they are quick to resolve any issues in the home through the maintenance staff, and how quick, friendly and constructive the email response is when I have had any issues.

Laura, 10 Friars Court, The Park, June 2018

Living in the house this year has been really good, when I arrived the entire house was immaculate and any problem we’ve ever had has been sorted out immediately.

Jess, 74 Cycle Road, Lenton, June 2018

Thank you so much for being fantastic landlords - we really wish we could have stayed with you next year.

Amy, 66 Cycle Road, Lenton, August 2017

Has been lovely living in one of your properties, thank you!

Megan, 64 City Road, Dunkirk, July 2017

I enjoyed staying in this house, all problems were sorted out swiftly and everything was well organised.

Leyla, 12 Balfour Road, Lenton, August 2017

We appreciated modern furnishings, quality furniture and appliances, helpful and prompt service from the letting agents and maintenance. Buxton Properties supply decent value for money accommodation.

Heather, 46 Balfour Road, Lenton, August 2017

Thank you for being such great Letting Agents. The house was in perfect condition when we arrived and you've responded so quickly to all our emails. I would definitely recommend!

Millie, 40 Balfour Road, Lenton, January 2017

Sarah and Matthew are fantastic and I am sad to be leaving the property that they manage so well. In all honesty I think that buxton properties are the best estate agents I have so far come into contact with. Come rain or shine, night or day, there is always someone who you can call that will offer friendly help and advice. If we ever needed anything done Sarah would make sure that it got done. From blocked drains to broken fridges nothing is a problem for Buxton! Thanks a million guys.

Nolan, 9 Friars Court, The Park, May 2016

The property we rented from you has been lovely, and we really enjoyed living there. Service was always good, and security provided was good as well. I would definitely recommend your property to other students.

Almas, 53 Ednaston Road, Dunkirk, May 2016

I think your service has been outstanding for repairs and maintenance this year as the problems that have arisen have been dealt with on the day in many cases! This has made our lives much easier not having to stress about something that's broken in the house, giving us more time to focus on work and a better area to work in. I have enjoyed living in the property as it's spacious and all the rooms are good sizes. I would recommend this property to other students as it's in a perfect area for a short walk to Uni, while also very close to town!

Nathan, 70 Cycle Road, Lenton, May 2016

We have had an excellent experience living in the house. The house itself is very safe and secure and furnished to a much higher standard than most other student houses I've seen. Whenever we have had maintenance issues we got a rapid response and someone to sort the problem out the same day or the next. They always let us know when work will be carried out so know to expect people. Overall our experience with Buxton properties has been excellent and I would highly recommended them to other students looking for houses around Lenton.

Yasmin, 42 Balfour Road, Lenton, June 2016

I have had a very positive experience living here this year and I would definitely recommend you to other students. You have been excellent landlords and have been brilliant dealing with all our issues. I was particularly impressed with how helpful you all were when we were signing for next year. It is very reassuring to know we have landlords that we can trust and are willing to sort out any of our issues as quickly as possible. Thank you for all your help, I look forward to staying in your properties for another year.

Kezia, 64 City Road, Dunkirk, June 2016

We've really enjoyed living here this year, the house is so comfortable and cosy and we're so glad we're staying here for another year. All maintenance and repairs were extremely helpful and efficient, often coming to see us the day or next day after we informed you of any issues. All issues were sorted out extremely quickly, making our time here even easier and more relaxing. We would definitely recommend to all students to live in one of your houses, they were by far the nicest student houses we had looked round and we've all had such a nice time living here. Thanks so much for everything!

Everyone, 46 Balfour Road, Lenton, June 2016

I have loved living in a Buxton property this year, so much so that my housemates and I are moving into another one next year! Buxton have always been friendly, prompt and efficient. If we've ever had a problem, the maintenance man will come to fix it either that same day or the next. Buxton have often gone above and beyond their call of duty to ensure that we are comfortable and happy in our home and the standard of Buxton properties and the service they provide is extremely high and hard to beat! I would certainly recommend Buxton to other students as I only have good things to say about them - my first experience of being a tenant has been an incredibly positive one and Buxton properties have set a very high standard for future landlords!

Olivia, 64 City Road, Dunkirk, June 2016

I'd just like to say that I've been really impressed with Buxton this year. We've always received really speedy replies to emails and the (few) issues we've had have been dealt with really quickly. It has been a joy to live in the property and would definitely recommend to other students!

Kam, Flat 4, 10/12 Douglas Road, June 2016

Although we are staying with you again next year, I would just like to take the time on behalf of my housemates and I, to thank you for how brilliant you have been as our landlords. Anything we have asked/ been worried about has been solved immediately and nothing has ever been too much trouble. It's because of this (and our lovely house of course), that we have wanted to stay with you for the rest of our time at university. I have also fully recommended you to everyone I know who is joining the University of Nottingham in the future. Thanks so much once again for everything!

Emily, 46 Balfour Road, Lenton, June 2016

I've been really pleased with Buxton's services this year; I've thoroughly enjoyed living in the property and have been really impressed with the letting agency. Any problems or questions have been addressed straight away. I'd definitely recommend to any other students!

Brooke, Flat 4, 10/12 Douglas Road, Lenton, June 2016

I have absolutely loved the 2 Buxton houses I have lived in whilst at university. Not only are Buxton houses modern, clean, impeccably maintained, but they also provide amazing service and respond immediately to any problems which may arise. Matthew and Sarah are so friendly and having such a nice house with such great landlords has had a really positive impact on my uni experience. I couldn't recommend Buxton more!

Zoe, 12 Balfour Road, Lenton, June 2016

I have really enjoyed living in 9 Friars Court this year, and have been especially happy with the quick services provided by Buxton, such as getting the maintenance man over within a few hours. Not only this, but everyone we met who worked for Buxton were very friendly and helpful.

Oliver, 9 Friars Court, The Park, June 2016

The house was really nice to live in for the year. The response whenever we needed things to be fixed was quick and excellent. I would highly recommend this property to any prospective tenants.

Tom, 10 Friars Court, The Park, June 2016

I have really enjoyed living in our house and I am looking forward to living there again next year! I have appreciated living in a house that has been well maintained and repairs have been completed swiftly.

Vicky, 74 Cycle Road, Lenton, June 2016

Buxton have been absolutely great this year. The house itself is found in very nice condition upon arrival, with pretty much everything in good clean working order. The maintenance man is lovely! He'll pop round to do any maintenance work when needed as soon as possible. You know that you are dealing with a very good company in Buxton as they are very organised and respond to most email and issues quickly. I would definitely recommend!

Lizy, 107 Cycle Road, Lenton, June 2016

The flat was in very good condition and you as landlords were particularly helpful. When the oven wasn't working you replaced it quickly with a new one and when the dishwasher broke you came out straight away to fix it. Very impressed with both how much care you take and at how quickly you respond to issues. Overall, we loved our year in the house and would recommend you to anyone!

Angus, Flat 1, 10/12 Douglas Road, Lenton, June 2016

I've really enjoyed being a tenant at Buxton Properties, as they were always willing to help and sort out problems, no matter how small. The maintenance men were friendly and very efficient. We never had an issue getting things sorted and everything was explained to us thoroughly. I particularly liked the fact that at the beginning, we were taken around the property by one of the business managers, as we were able to talk directly to him rather than going through an agency. Overall, I've had a very positive experience with Buxton Properties and would happily recommend them to anyone.

Ellen, 70 Cycle Road, Lenton, June 2016

This year spent living at 40 Balfour Road has been very enjoyable aided by the comfortable and well furnished property and the professional service provided by Buxton. The house was furnished to a very high standard with no issues concerning damp, mould or poor insulation. The living room and kitchen provided ample space for the house to relax and cook together. Any minor issues were fixed promptly and effectively with Buxton responding very quickly to any issues we had.

Farhan, Emily, Katie, Jordan, Kit and Alex, 40 Balfour Road, Lenton, July 2016

Just wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you for being such great landlords.

Dan, 20 Midland Avenue, Lenton, August 2016

I have lived at 10 Friars Court this year and found Buxton Properties to be excellent landlords. I have been extremely satisfied with the service. Always on hand to answer emails and also a special mention to Andrew who has been really great! Whenever a problem has arisen it has been swiftly resolved and it has been very much appreciated. A big thank you to Buxton!

Josh, 10 Friars Court, The Park

I have very much enjoyed living in a Buxton property and think the service is really great and very fast. I'm disappointed not to be living in one of your houses next year but they got snapped up so quickly and I wasn't quick enough. I have recommended you to many friends and judging from what I've heard about their letting agents/ landlords Buxton sound by far the best company as we've had absolutely no problems not sorted on the same day as reported and occasionally if not, on the next day or so.

Lucy, 50 Kimbolton Avenue, Lenton

I have had a very positive experience living in your property. The way it has been designed and decorated made it feel homely and guests were often jealous of our house. Any maintenance was completed quickly and correctly the first time of
asking. That is why we have chosen to live in a Buxton property again next year.

Jordan, 58 Kimbolton Avenue, Lenton

This is my third year of renting in Lenton, and I can without doubt say that Buxton have been the most efficient and reliable letting agency I have experienced. Emails are replied to quickly, and they are always very helpful in solving any issues we have had over the year. I would most definitely recommend them as a letting agency.

Ghiselle, 107 Cycle Road, Lenton

The repair teams always responded quickly to mechanical faults within the week of complaint, emails were promptly replied to and the house itself was well received by us all. The recent refurbishment made it enjoyable and comfortable to live in and little repairs needed to be made. It is by far one of the best student houses in Lenton that we've seen. Many thanks for a good year living with a trusted property and landlord.

Aoife, 70 Cycle Road, Lenton

I have thoroughly enjoyed living in 70 Cycle Road this year. When we had an issue Buxton responded promptly and sorted the problem as fast as possible, which was always reassuring and appreciated. The workmen who would come and sort the issues were always friendly and helpful also. I would definitely recommend living in Buxton properties to other students and wouldn't hesitate before living in one again myself. My experiences here have all been positive and I also felt very safe living in this house.

Kay, 70 Cycle Road, Lenton

I'm currently a resident at the 107 Cycle Road property and have had the best time living here. The property is decorated and maintained to a wonderful standard and you have all been so helpful and quick to respond whenever we have had a problem or query. I also am very appreciative that the effort is always made to keep tenants in the loop with what is going on (regular emails reminding us of rental payments/moving out letters/pipes not freezing in winter etc.) as this is extremely helpful. Andrew, your maintenance man, is brilliant and always comes promptly when needed, for example, when we had some trouble with leaking pipes!

Clare, 107 Cycle Road, Lenton

The house was kept at a lovely standard and any maintenance work/repairs were completed instantly :) As landlords, the Buxton family were lovely and friendly and always happy to help! Would highly recommend any of their properties.

Sarah, 58 Cottesmore Road, Lenton

I've had an amazing time living in 214 Derby Road for the last 2 years and I know my housemates would agree too! You have been amazing letting agents to us, if we ever had a problem Andy was always round as soon as possible. Credit to Andy too for sorting out any issues we've had, even coming out for the smallest of things and making us a picnic bench!! Always recommend you to everyone I've spoken to and can't thank you enough!

Rhianna, 214 Derby Road, Lenton

You have been brilliant. Thank you!

Gwenllian, 21 Balfour Road, Lenton

Thank you so much for the efficiency and attention that you have paid us over the last year. The professionalism and help you have given us has been fantastic and the speed with which you have fixed issues in the house has made our final year so much easier. Thank you!

Rosie, 21 Balfour Road, Lenton

Great service, very patient and understanding when dealing with students.

Robert, 38 Ednaston Road, Dunkirk

Brilliant experience over the last two years. Landlord was great, any concerns we had or repairs were seen to quickly. Couldn't have asked for a better house.

Sophia, 4 Collington Street, Beeston

Loved living in the house. Buxton were brilliant landlords and totally reliable. I will speak very highly of them to future students and the house will be the first house I recommend. On a special note, thank you to Andrew who is really unbelievable.

Jack, 10 Friars Court, The Park

Amazing landlords with brilliantly kept properties and always available to help. Our thanks to Andrew for helping us with any difficulties!

Adam, 10 Friars Court, The Park

It was amazing - hence why we stayed for two years! Thank you!

Paula, 2 Church Avenue, Lenton

I've thoroughly enjoyed my stay here. Buxton have made it simple and easy to enjoy Uni without the stress of house issues because all problems have been dealt with in a speedy manner. I would definitely recommend Buxton Properties to other Uni students.

Aisha, 53 Ednaston Road, Dunkirk

A special thank you to Sarah who came especially herself to deliver me a key last week when I forgot mine on graduation!! And obviously thanks to Andrew who has always been very helpful throughout the year. Buxton Properties have always been very attentive and easy to contact.

Sophie, 74 Cycle Road, Lenton

Andy the handyman was great!

Elizabeth, 74 Cycle Road, Lenton

Lovely house and prompt help if there is a problem.

Olivia, 9 Friars Court, The Park

I've really enjoyed my time living in one of Buxton's properties. The landlord was very efficient and always solved any problems for us quickly. Plus the house was lovely - what more could you ask for?

Ruth, 40 Teversal Avenue, Lenton

We have had an excellent year living with Buxton Properties - any problems were quickly resolved and the house itself was lovely.

Abbie, 40 Teversal Avenue, Lenton

Couldn't have wished for better landlords! Don't have one single complaint about the house or the service!

Zoe, 50 Kimbolton Avenue, Lenton

Couldn't have asked for better landlords! Any problems always sorted ASAP and the house was great! Thanks for everything, I would always recommend Buxton Properties.

Georgina, 42 Rothesay Avenue, Lenton

Thank you so much for being so helpful throughout the year, from boiler breakdowns to washing machine failures! We could not have asked for better landlords.

Irene, 32 Balfour Road, Lenton

If any problems cropped up with the house you were exceptionally speedy at getting someone round to remedy the problem. Great email correspondence and a very handy handyman!

Eleanor, 32 Balfour Road, Lenton

55 Ednaston Road is lovely and perfectly located near Nottingham Uni Campus. Andrew was always around making sure everything was working at its best and Sarah and Matthew would always reply immediately whenever there was a problem. I would completely recommend living in a Buxton Properties house.

Marina, 55 Ednaston Road, Dunkirk

Handy Andy was very helpful and will be missed by all house members!

Sofia, 42 Balfour Road, Lenton

Thank you for sorting our washing machine. I would just like to say what a great job Andrew always does when he comes over for maintenance. He always goes above and beyond to make sure everything is working and cleaned up after himself, and is always very friendly - nothing is too much trouble for him. This is much appreciated!

Natalie, 1 Collin Street, Beeston

I wanted to thank you and your colleagues, at Buxton properties, on behalf of my housemates and I. We have thoroughly enjoyed our tenancy at your property, this is undoubtedly as a result of your prompt help with any issues we have had and regular contact.

George, 70 Cycle Road, Lenton

I've had a brilliant time living in a Buxton property. All of you have been very friendly and helpful. I would like to say in particular how excellent Andrew the maintenance man has been. He has gone above and beyond his call of duty!!

Emma, 79 Kimbolton Avenue, Lenton

Overall we have been very impressed with your services. Any issues we have had have been dealt with almost instantly. You have also gone out of your way to ensure our living situation has been as comfortable as possible. There have been times when the outside area has been cleaned without asking which has been great. Andy has been especially helpful and has been on call when we have had issues with our fire alarm and he even provided us with a spare microwave. All in all Buxton have offered great services and are all friendly. Thank you!

The Girls at 58 Cottesmore Road, Lenton

You are very quick at responding to any problems and I really enjoyed living in the house this year so am staying next year too! All the Buxton properties are nicely furnished and are not too expensive.

Poppy, 83 City Road, Dunkirk

Living in one of your properties is great. The house is clean and bright and to be honest doesn't feel like a student house at all. There have been very few problems with the property and any that did arise were addressed very quickly and professionally. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Buxton Properties to friends (and in fact already have); you have been extremely organised and given detailed advice on every aspect of the tenancy.

James, 4 Collington Street, Beeston

The property was a brilliant place to live in for the year and if we had a problem with something then it was dealt with quickly. Overall, the experience of living in the property was good and I would recommend people to live in one of your properties.

Bethany, 73 City Road, Dunkirk

I am extremely pleased with the efficiency at which Sarah and Matthew address our concerns and that the maintenance man is always on hand to help with any repairs. Would definitely recommend living in one of your properties and look forward to another year of tenancy!

Michelle, 55 Ednaston Road, Dunkirk

Thoroughly enjoyed living at 4 Bute Avenue, it is a lovely house. The maintenance and repairs service has been great and response to all questions and requests were very quick.

Alicia, 4 Bute Avenue, Lenton

We have absolutely loved living at 42 Rothesay and would have stayed had we not been splitting up! You are so well organised and professional but have also been incredibly understanding. Would recommend you to other students. Thank you for being such lovely landlords!

Lucy, 42 Rothesay Avenue, Lenton

I've loved living in the property, whenever there's been a problem the maintenance man has been round within a couple of days and solved the problem easily. Email correspondence is always efficient and everyone we've dealt with has been very friendly, explained everything very clearly, and has been very professional. I would definitely recommend living in one of your properties, so much so we've all decided to remain in the same house for our third year of uni.

Anna, 12 Balfour Road, Lenton

Thank you for everything over the tenancy, it was by far the best student house I've lived in over five years.

Rachel, 74 Cycle Road, Lenton

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the past year. The property was great and you have been really helpful. It was a pleasure staying at one of your properties.

Saiful, 29 Ednaston Road, Dunkirk

Thank you for returning the deposit. You've been incredibly helpful during our tenancy and I will be recommending Buxton properties to my friends still living in Nottingham.

Bianca, 66 Cycle Road, Lenton

I've loved living at 2 Church Avenue the last year and a half. It's an amazing house, everyone who comes to visit comments on how lovely it is and a lot of people when we describe where we live say 'oh my god you live in that huge house on the corner?!' and are extremely jealous.

Cara, 2 Church Avenue, Lenton

I have really enjoyed living at 2 Church Avenue for the last two years. Its a beautiful house and I've been really impressed with the quick responses to any queries or help we've needed in the house. As a landlord you've been really good and I really appreciate the enlargement of the kitchen, it's made life so much easier!

Jennifer, 2 Church Avenue, Lenton

I have very much enjoyed living in one of your properties this year. The house is very well finished and clean; it is easy to maintain. I have felt safe in the house with the alarm and new gate at the back. Everything is neutral (curtains and floor etc) so it’s nice that we can make our rooms our own. Everyone who sees the house if always very impressed.

Joanna, 58 Kimbolton Avenue, Lenton

It has been an extreme pleasure to live in your property this year, and your service has been absolutely incredible.

Jasmine, 29 Ednaston Road, Dunkirk

Thanks for a great year in a truly wonderful house. I’m sad to have left!

James, 10 Friars Court, The Park

The house was fabulous; the standard of the property was second to none. Buxton Properties was extremely efficient in responding to any problems. We all thoroughly enjoyed our time in the house.

Jessica, 20 Midland Avenue, Lenton

Shaun and I really enjoyed living in the flat over the last year. Thanks for being such a friendly and helpful landlord.

Alexandra, Flat 4, 10/12 Douglas Road, Lenton

With regard to repairs and maintenance, I have been extremely impressed with the quick service provided. There was a time when our shower was leaking, and within an hour of emailing you someone had come round to fix the problem!

Sam, 40 Teversal Avenue, Lenton

I can honestly say that I am extremely happy with the property over the past year. The house is well equipped and the upstairs shower is especially good. Overall I would recommend the property to future students as I felt it was very comfortable and homely through my final year of University.

Katie, 40 Teversal Avenue, Lenton

I love the property and I'm really happy to be staying there for another year. I've been really impressed with the level of service and how quickly repairs have been dealt with and the communication from you. I have rented accommodation for 8 years and you have had the best level of service hands down!

Louise, 48 Woodward Street, Trent Bridge/The Embankment

The house itself is good quality...and we've been very comfortable in it even throughout the colder months. I do believe it is worth paying that little bit extra for a great service from a landlord that comes along with a decent house. From previous experiences with terrible landlords I am now able to appreciate this. I will definitely be recommending it to other students.

Janaki, 74 Cycle Road, Lenton

20 Midland Avenue has been the most wonderful house for the girls to live in. Nancy has felt safe and secure at all times, all maintenance issues were dealt with both swiftly and without question and the housefile was both informative and so very professional. I commend you on your high professional standards and would like to thank you all for providing not just a house, but a home for Nancy and the girls in their final year at Nottingham Uni.

Nancy’s mum, 20 Midland Avenue, Lenton

53 Ednaston is a beautiful house. I felt very sad leaving it, I think we all did! Also you guys would always be available whenever we had a problem and would aim to get our problems solved as soon as you could.

Rob, 53 Ednaston Road, Dunkirk

I would like to say thank you for being such great landlords! I am gutted that you will no longer be looking after us. We only wish our new landlord will be as great as you guys!

Krupa, 53 Ednaston Road, Dunkirk

I have enjoyed living in the property, have had good service from you for repairs and maintenance and would and have recommended living in one of your properties to other students. That probably explains why I'm still with you next year!

Sabine, 50 Kimbolton Avenue, Lenton

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank you for all the help over the past 2 years, we will be sorry to not have Buxton Properties as our landlord but will continue to highly recommend them to everyone.

Camilla, 21 Balfour Road, Lenton

Thanks for a great, problem free year in a fantastic house!

Simon, 55 Ednaston Road, Dunkirk

I have really enjoyed living at the house and will sadly miss these high standards not to mention the garden.

Sarah, 38 Ednaston Road, Dunkirk

Over the last two years you guys have provided a fantastic service - very helpful and organised and it is much appreciated. I will certainly recommend Buxton Properties to friends in Nottingham in the future!

Jaineel, 83 City Road, Dunkirk

Once again, thanks very much for this and for your assistance throughout the year. We really enjoyed living at 107!

Rich, 107 Cycle Road, Lenton

First and foremost, I want to say it's been an absolute pleasure living in our house this year. The house itself is great, you and your team have been nothing but helpful and overall it's been a fantastic experience. The one time we had an issue - the fire alarm - it was sorted out by Sarah quickly and efficiently, couldn't have asked for more.

Alexander, 21 Balfour Road, Lenton

I just wanted to thank you so much for all your services. I appreciate how quickly you all tend to any issues we have in our house…I would definitely recommend your company as you are always personable and it is always easy to reach both of you.

Marina, 9 Friars Court, The Park

I have found your property a very pleasant place to live. It is done up to a much higher standard than a lot of student lets, repairs have been carried out quickly, and Matt and Sarah have always treated us well. I think the fact that I'll be living in one of your properties next year tells you everything you need to know about what I think of Buxton Properties as landlords.

Michael, 38 Ednaston Road, Dunkirk

I felt you guys were excellent. Really quick to deal with any issues that arose, and having someone permanently on staff as maintenance was a real asset.

Zahid, Flat Four, 10/12 Douglas Road, Lenton

The house feels very secure with the bolts that are on all windows and doors on the ground floor and the burglar alarm. The service was especially good when our boiler broke and had to be replaced. This was taken care of quickly and efficiently. I have been impressed with the helpfulness and efficiency of the maintenance team at Buxton and communication is good. The property as a building is also very well kept and comfortable.

Hannah, 2 Church Avenue, Lenton

Thanks very much for your time and help. Can't believe we leave so soon - it's been the best house to have our final year in! The overall décor and state of the property is also very good. It is clear that Buxton Properties takes pride in the accommodation that they offer and that the properties are maintained well.

Eleanor, 2 Church Avenue, Lenton

Thank you for a brilliant year, you have been so organised and prompt to respond to any issue. It was very much appreciated.

Sarah, 74 Cycle Road, Lenton

Tom moved in to Flat 1 yesterday and this is just to say how impressed we were with the place - all spotlessly clean and efficient. Such a change to some other student accommodation! So well done and very many thanks.

Tom’s parents, Flat One, 10/12 Douglas Road, Lenton

We have really enjoyed both of the houses we lived in, and felt like we were in a family home rather than a student house. We appreciate how quickly you responded to our repair requests. All of us would definitely recommend living in a Buxton Properties home!

Emma, 30 Ashburnham Avenue, Lenton

I have lived in one of your properties for a year now and I have been very happy with everything about the house.

Sophie, 50 Kimbolton Avenue, Lenton

Thank you very much for your efficiency and consideration as our landlord this year. You were very professional and a welcome alternative to my previous landlord experiences!

Robert, 53 Ednaston Road, Dunkirk

Buxton Properties has been incredibly helpful, organised and accommodating throughout our tenancy. Not only was the property fantastic, but you are definitely the best in the business and I would highly recommend you to anyone looking for a reliable, trustworthy and friendly landlord!

Theodora, 58 Cottesmore Road, Lenton

I just want to take this opportunity to thank you for all your help throughout the year. Buxton have been great landlords, the house has been fabulous and the speed that you have taken to reply to our requests has been exceptional.

Naomi, 35 Douglas Road, Lenton

You have been great landlords; really well organised and efficient and I honestly have no complaints! Thank you so much for a great year!

Natalie, 4 Bute Avenue, Lenton

You have been very professional and approachable this year; I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to students in Nottingham. Thanks for all your help and communication.

Matthew, 58 Cottesmore Road, Lenton